3/17 & 3/19: P1-2 (Special 90 Minute Class)

Krav Maga Institute of Denver Colorado Self-Defense Class Concepts for 3/17/15 and 3/19/15

Chief Instructor, Joshua Thomas, will be returning from a KMI 10 day Instructor training course. He will be conducting special 90 minute classes for both the morning and evening Krav Maga classes.

Practitioner Level 1 & 2 (Special Concepts for this week: Rear Forearm Choke, Rear Static Knife across the Throat)

Timeline (Long Range): Defensive Back Kicks to Decision Making

Timeline (Mid Range): Duck Unders to Decision Making

Timeline (Close Range): Rear Forearm Choke

**Timeline (Close Range): Rear Static Knife across the Throat

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Parents... If you are like me and want to ensure your daughters are self confident AND able to protect themselves, look no further than Josh Thomas! Without a doubt, he WILL instill these beliefs in your child. And while you're at it, train WITH your child. You will BOTH learn and enjoy.
Woody Bryant- Woody and his two daughters train with Mr. Thomas
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