About Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness

Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness provides world class Krav Maga, MMA, Mauy Thai, Karate, and Martial Arts instruction for Adults, Teens, and Kids.

Why Evolve?

 Evolve: Continuous and Never Ending Improvement

Evolve Martial Arts reflects upon the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. Kaizen can be a personal philosophy (Life Coaching) and a professional practice.  The concept translates to “continuous improvement” or “philosophy of improvement”   Evolve uses this approach by providing world class instruction and service.


What do we offer?

Modern Martial Arts: Practical – Simple – Effective

Our Youth Martial Arts Classes are designed to use martial art concepts and functional fitness as a vehicle to teach and reinforce emotional intelligence, practical self-defense, and the A B C’s of Success. They are learning how to become the Modern Martial Artists.

Our Adult Krav Maga and Women Self-Defense Classes are dynamic, practical, effective and fun. All the classes, courses, and seminars teach proven techniques and concepts that handle real world threats and encounters.  All of the them are taught by full-time professional instructors certified under the Krav Maga Institute.



When you help enough people reach their goals, you will reach your own.

    One of our philosophies is that in order to E-volve, you have to be In-volved in the community and world around you. This is done by creating a partnership with the surround schools, clubs, teams, businesses, and fundraisers.  We offer a variety of opportunities to give back and help the people around us.  We offer Short Courses, Seminars, Support Carnivals and Fundraisers to raise money and donate our time for your event or origination. Click HERE to find out more!


Integrity – Commitment – Value

    At Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness, we are dedicated to those 3 principals in our instruction, our business, and in our lives.

Integrity:  A steadfast adherence to a strict ethical or moral code that embodies honesty, goodness, and quality.  As a small business, we provide a professional service.  Each of our members and guests are important to us and can expect professional world class instruction and customer service. Our instructors a help members reach their goals by providing objective and positive feedback.

CommitmentThe trait of sincerity, endurance, and focused purpose.  Our instructors are dedicated to helping you reach their goals while they continue to improve on their own.  All of the instructors participate in Certified Instructor Training (C.I.T).  They continue to improve in their ability to be an instructor, and also continue to train and expand their skills and knowledge of the martial arts.  This is not a Rec-Center program.  Our instructors teach as a profession, not as a hobby.  We our committed to offer you the best martial arts instruction and service.  Please read some of our reviews!

Value: Having great worth, quality, or importance. We create, protect, and promote value in all that we do.  We teach teach students that they are valuable, and worth protecting.  We teach the important of quality as well as make sure we teach with quality and passion. Our business goal is for a value for value exchange.  We will provide a service for you, your family, or organization that will have an impact on people for a life time… And in return we have many happy, long term members.   Please click here to found out how this topic is used in to teach children, about confidence, family, character, self-worth, self-defense, and many more life skills that will teach them to achieve and walk in peace!

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Evolve does with our child what I could only wish we, as parents could do. He reinforces solid skills in body control, attitude, focus and welcoming challenges. Our daughter will be in his classes for years to come. We have seen her confidence grow in her abilities. The classes fit her developmental milestones and provide well thought-out challenges. This is a great class especially for girl empowerment!

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