Week 4/13: P1-2 (Ground Attacks)

Krav Maga Institute of Denver Colorado Self-Defense Class Concepts for the week of April 13th: Ground Attacks & Concepts

Practitioner Level 1

When you get on the ground, GET BACK UP!

Timeline (Long Range): Impending Attack,  [Groin Kick]

Timeline (Mid Range): Falling Backwards [Back Break Fall] 

Timeline (Close Range): Ground Movement [Up Kicks & Bicycle Kicks] [Up and Away]

Practitioner Level 2

Timeline (Close Range): 2 Hand Choke from Mounted position

Timeline (Close Range): 2 Hand Choke from Side position

Remember. It’s not the technique that will save your life, it is the repetition of it!


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Our son has tried out 3 other karate/martial arts studios and evolve is by far the exceptional studio. The martial arts instruction is exactly what you would hope for as a parent (excellent foundations on balance, coordination and self defense) but what has been a wonderful surprise are the life lessons on persistence, hard work, and dedication that my son is absorbing. It is all that we hoped for and more!

Annie .C
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