Week 4/13: P1-2 (Ground Attacks)

Krav Maga Institute of Denver Colorado Self-Defense Class Concepts for the week of April 13th: Ground Attacks & Concepts

Practitioner Level 1

When you get on the ground, GET BACK UP!

Timeline (Long Range): Impending Attack,  [Groin Kick]

Timeline (Mid Range): Falling Backwards [Back Break Fall] 

Timeline (Close Range): Ground Movement [Up Kicks & Bicycle Kicks] [Up and Away]

Practitioner Level 2

Timeline (Close Range): 2 Hand Choke from Mounted position

Timeline (Close Range): 2 Hand Choke from Side position

Remember. It’s not the technique that will save your life, it is the repetition of it!


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I have been a student of Josh's for 3 years and can't begin to express how great his classes are! Always fun, educational, and challenging! Not only are you learning effective self defense, but getting a great workout in as well. I definitely recommend you stop by and try out a few classes. If you're also looking for a kid's program, this is hands down THE best place to go! I've seen tremendous progress made by so many students of his! Not just in their physical capabilities, but their character development as well! Great School! Amazing Instructor!
Benjamin Marrero - Student and training partner
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