Membership Freeze Forms

If you are sick, injured, on vacation, school work, recreational sport, or have a conflicting schedule due to any reason; our Freeze Policy will help you save the time you have missed for when you return. There is not a limit on how many times you may freeze, or how long. It is common for some clients to freeze several times a year, and some clients have frozen their membership for over a year. Please read our Membership Freeze Policy below and check the boxes below to show that you have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions as outline below to proceed.

Membership Freeze Guidelines

  1. Freezes do not suspend tuition payments.
  2. Freezes suspend your class time and add it to the end of your agreement for free.
  3. Freezes form must be submitted online. (Verbal freezes cannot be accepted)
  4. Freezes must be 2 consecutive weeks in a row and have a start and end date.
  5. Freeze time starts on the day the form is submitted, we are unable to "back date" freeze time.
  6. If a student should cancel their member due to moving or disability, freeze time cannot be refunded

have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions

Please note; that the billing company does not freeze your membership; however it is a free service that Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness provides for its members.  Most schools, if you miss class for a few weeks, you are out of luck and cannot recoup that time.  Some schools allow you to suspend your memberships, however they charge a monthly fee for that suspension, and when you come back, you then continue your billing cycle and resume your monthly payments (Costing you more money)  By freezing, we have found a way to keep the tuition lower, save our students money, and provide a professional business all year long.

have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions

What can you freeze for?

  • Vacation
  • School
  • Busy time of year,
  • Other sports, activities, or hobbies
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Injury or sickness
  • **Motivation Issues (Kids Programs)

**It is better to notify an instructor when your motivation changes.  The change in motivation is referred to as “The Dip” and is common in everything people do.  Sports, School, Relationships, Hobbies, ect.  By enrolling to be a member of Evolve Martial Arts, we are committed to providing you quality instruction and teach you how to overcome personal adversity. Our Instructors are trained to help you with this, especially with children.  Taking a break and hoping that motivation will change without taking action is not the solution. Education, vision, and success is. Speak with your instructor immediately. Evolve teaches commitment. The difference between Entertainment (self-esteem) and Accomplishment (character building), is commitment!

have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions


Membership Freeze Form

**All spaces must be filled**

Account Holders Full Name:

Students Full Name

Start of Freeze (have a calendar button that only allows them to freeze from todays date forward)

End of Freeze


Phone Number:

Reason for Freeze:

I did the Krav Maga and self defense class with Thomas and it was one of the best workouts I have ever had! I was sore (in a good way) for days! I feel totally safe walking down the streets of Denver by myself now and would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone!
Anna- Fitness fanatic!
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