Monthly Goal Sheets

“I am a goal setter and a goal getter!”

Goal setting is a skill, and like all skills, you need “Repetition and Intensity” to develop and refine them.  This Goal Sheet is designed to teach proper goal setting habits and reward students for their accomplishments.  Recognition is one of the best ways to reinforce behaviors and habits. 

Students will have 4 weeks to work on their goal(s).  Each week a student can earn a point if they are on track or have completed their goal for the week. Depending on how many points they earn, will determine what color goal stripe they will earn at the end of the month during their Tip Testing.

Click the link below to print or download the Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness Monthly Goal Sheet.

Monthly Goal Sheet DOC

Josh Thomas is, without a doubt, one of the finest Martial Arts Instructors in the industry. He provides motivation, encouragement and enthusiasm, but demands excellence and discipline through growth and strength of character. Through repetition and intensity, my son went from a shy and quiet young boy to a strong and confident leader and black belt recipient over a 4 year period under Mr. Thomas' instruction. I highly recommend you sending your children to Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness and to Josh Thomas in particular.
Chris Briggs - Long time customer
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