I have been a student of Josh's for 3 years and can't begin to express how great his classes are! Always fun, educational, and challenging! Not only are you learning effective self defense, but getting a great workout in as well. I definitely recommend you stop by and try out a few classes. If you're also looking for a kid's program, this is hands down THE best place to go! I've seen tremendous progress made by so many students of his! Not just in their physical capabilities, but their character development as well! Great School! Amazing Instructor!

Benjamin Marrero

I have had the opportunity to work and train with Josh for the past 4-5 years, and it was a pleasure. The man is good at what he does, and knows how to create a fun, effective, and most importantly safe training environment. If you or your kids are looking for a quality martial arts experience be sure to check out Evolve.

Vito Pollock

My 12 year son Jack has worked extensively with Mr. Thomas and the results were amazing. He is a big kid and needed a good workout. That's the way it started. What we came to realize is that other than the sweaty workout he received he also got top notch martial arts skills and best off all high self esteem and confidence. Josh teaches hard work and respect to all of his students. As a result of Mr. Thomas's successes with my son I also joined his adult Krav Maga class and have thoroughly enjoyed it for all of the reasons above. Even at age 48 you can't be taught hard work and respect enough! Thanks Josh.

J.P. Kennedy

The Krav Maga classes provide a good balance of physical activity and mental preparedness. The kickboxing / conditioning class is by far the hardest I have ever exercised and we never do the same thing twice. The other people who go are always friendly and helpful. Dynamic and attentive instructor. It is obvious that he is excited about teaching the classes and is personally interested in marital arts / self defense. Hoping we start getting more classes available soon.

David Stone

My boyfriend and I have nothing but good things to say about Joshua and Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness. We love going to classes every week- Joshua is a fantastic instructor that teaches to all levels of experience and fitness, and he is great with both kids and adults. We are beginners and see ourselves improving with every class. Every week I walk away with techniques that I could apply in a real life situation right away, which is one of the things I love most about Krav Maga. Joshua is a very motivational person and puts focus not only on martial arts but overall health and well-being, both physical and mental. I wouldn't go anywhere else and recommend his classes to everyone!

Maranda Robison

I was so excited when I found evolve martial arts! As a female college student, I've been wanting to take self defense classes for a while, but haven't found anything worth staying in. This place has become part of my weekly routine though! Krav Maga is an amazing workout, and Joshua Thomas is an amazing coach. He makes the classes accessible for anyone to join at ANY level, but still always challenging for the ones that have been there. He is also always offering extra seminars and other opportunities to improve your skills. First class is free so just try it!

Emily Brandorff

Josh is incredible! I'm taking private Krav Maga lessons from him and I can't begin to tell you how much I've progressed. He is a GREAT instructor and really customizes it to me. One of my favorite parts is that he treats me as a client rather than a student. He gives me the choice of what I would like to focus on. But at the same time he has an awesome curriculum. He explains things great and if I have a hard time picking something up he will switch tactics to help. He is really encouraging and knows just how much to push you so that you will have great progression but not get burnt out. I've learned so much and feel so much more confident in my abilities in Krav Maga. I also love how he integrates functional fitness into it. Because of that I'm also getting in great shape which helps my progress even more. I can't recommend Joshua enough!!

Brendan Diefenderfer

I am training 4 times a month and now changed it to 12. The class is awesome and I learn new Krav Maga techniques each week. I can see myself improving and becoming more confident with the exercises. I would recommend these classes with Josh. A great way to stay in shape and learn self defense.

Briner Bear

Josh is an outstanding instructor and coach. He understands his students's needs and finds ways to cater to them individually while in a class setting. He does an superior job incorporating practical self defense techniques into a great work out. Josh's Krav Maga classes are the highlight of my week. Evolve Martial Arts is a great addition to our neighborhood and there's a great group of regulars that attend classes.

Eric Kessler

What better review can I provide than to say: I can't wait for Tuesday and Thursday nights so I can train with the crew at Evolve. Josh Thomas and the Evolve team provide it all: elite level Krav Maga training that is real world applicable along with the added advantage that is Josh's MMA experience and knowledge. Fun atmosphere, great regular crew to train with, and a really welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere for newcomers. I already have a reserved spot 4 years in the future for our soon to be newborn girl to get in for the kids classes Evolve runs too. Can't recommend enough for those interested in learning Krav and looking for a great training experience with good people.

Douglas Ruark

re you looking for a Krav Maga school? If you are, keep in mind that not all Krav Maga schools are the same. The instructors are a major part of the quality of the training. While going through instructor certification at Krav Maga Institute in Santa Clara, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Joshua from Evolve Martial Arts. During our training, I was impressed by the skill level and passion he has for both martial arts and teaching. He brings a lot of energy onto the mat. Put that together with the time, thought, and effort he puts into his lesson plans and you end up with a balance of conditioning, drills, and technique that make classes fun. This is the type of work Joshua puts into teaching at Evolve to keep you learning and motivated. When looking for a good school, you also need to keep safety in mind. Safety is always a concern with Joshua. He puts every effort into making sure every student leaves the mat in a better condition (meaning stronger and more fit) than when they stepped onto it. When I pass through the area this fall, I plan on stopping by to train based on what I know of Joshua and the training he received when he was certified as a Krav Maga instructor.

Anthony D.

I've only been training with Josh for about 3 months, but from the start i knew evolve martial arts, was the right place for me to train. I'm probably the youngest student Josh has in his Adult class but i've never felt left out or like i was treated differently, i haven't met a student at evolve i don't enjoy working with, and look forward to training with. Do yourself a favor and try out the trial classes if you're interested in fitness self-defense, or just want a fun new activit

Joe Utke

Joshua Thomas is an amazing instructor. His Krav Maga classes are a perfect combination of fitness and self defense skills. The skills are taught one step at a time, and then built on over the course of several classes, and eventually several months. The focus on de-escalation, awareness, mental toughness, stress inoculation, and reality based self defense prepares his students for real life confrontations. I'll be back for more.

Nathan Schultz

So tired of the normal routine of gym and jogging, it was such a great change of pace to find this place. Joshua is a great instructor and the things you learn here is applicable to the real world. I was hooked since day 1 and signed up immediately. Must do!

Ryo Sueda

I have been taking classes here for a while now and I am very impressed with practical knowledge I have learned. I am consistently being challenged to refine my skills. Josh is a great instructor and you can tell he truly cares about his students with his one-on-one attention. He creates an environment where the students really interact with each other on multiple levels and I am grateful for the friendships that I have formed here. I have been recommending Evolve to my friends and family since I started. Look no further, this is a school you won't want to leave.

Amy Atkiss