Youth Martial Arts and Development Programs

Evolve offers several martial arts classes and seminars for children of all ages.

    There is more then “kick and punch” being taught to children at Evolve Martial Arts.  Evolve combines Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Krav Maga, and Functional Fitness to create a Modern Martial Art  system.  This system is used as a vehicle to teach children lessons in Attitude, Behavior and Character (ABC’s of Success).  Fun games and challenges will further develop their Confidence, Focus, Discipline, Control, Patience, and Respect. Evolve refers to these lessons that will help cultivate a child’s emotional intelligence  as Mental Martial Arts.  Equally as important, is teaching children self-defense.  We specialize in Stranger Safety, Bully Proof, and Peer Pressure lessons and scenarios to prepare your child how to deal with those types of encounters.

Click below to see our selection of Martial Arts Classes for Children.

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  Evolve created different Martial Arts Programs carefully designed to match a child’s age, goals, and mental and physical abilities.  Anyone who is interested in finding out more about our programs are encouraged to schedule a complementary Discovery Session.  This session will allow you to see first hand what makes Evolve stand out form other martial arts schools, spots, and activities. Click on the  link above to get further detail about the various programs we offer.

Click below to see our selection of Courses and Seminars for Children.


  At Evolve, we like to get involved in the community.  We offer free seminars for children several times a year at our martial arts school as well at other community events.  We cover topics on Stranger Safety, Bully Proofing, Kid Fitness, and Leadership.  Check our events page for updates.   We can also use these events as fundraisers for your organization or event.  Please contact us if you would like us to hold a seminar or a short course for your school or organization.



Community Events and Seminars for Kids

Evolve Martial Arts created specialized seminars to help educate and prepare our children for the challenges that some day they will have to face.

The 3 B’s: The Buddy, The Bully, and The Bad Guy

  1. BUDDY: How to handle peer pressure: I am a LEADER
  2. BULLY: Verbal and Physical abuse: Bully Proof
  3. BAD GUY: Stranger Safety and Awareness: Kid Safe
  4. Health, Fitness, and Competitive Excellence: KidFit

I did the Krav Maga and self defense class with Thomas and it was one of the best workouts I have ever had! I was sore (in a good way) for days! I feel totally safe walking down the streets of Denver by myself now and would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone!
Anna- Fitness fanatic!
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