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We Care About Our Community

 Evolve Martial Arts is active in community events, fundraisers, silent auctions and charitable events.  We have a great relationship with many local schools, churches, synagogues,  clubs, and organizations.  We offer donations, workshops, booths, and demonstrations as ways to raise money and add to the energy of the event.  Below are a few examples of how Evolve Martial Arts has helped out in the past. 

Booths, Carnivals, Street Fairs, and Fun Runs

Our Martial Arts booths are always popular at events.  We offer something for every occasion.  For the youth, we teach mini-lessons on how focus, commitment, and confidence can be used to set goals and overcome adversity in the way of breaking a board!  Teens and Adults will give a short Krav Maga or Kickboxing lesson.  

Every participant will be able to spin our prize wheel.

Fundraisers, Donations, and Silent Auctions

 Choose from many options that will add variety and more revenue to your fundraiser or auction. Depending on your needs and audience, we can customize donations to be auctioned off.

  •  Birthday Parties, Kids Night Out, Gym Class, Safety Classes
  •  Private Session, Group Sessions, 1 Month Membership
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School Seminars and Workshops

We offer professional instruction and educational class for schools.  We can fill in for your gym teacher to teach a class on Martial Arts, Bully Smart, Stranger Safety, or any topic of your choice.  We have taught up to 80 students at once in the schools cafeteria of the subjects of Leadership and Teamwork.  We even make special interactive presentations to individual classes.

 Seminars, Workshops, and Short-Courses

  • Kids Smart Training
  • Stranger Smart : Stranger safety and educational class.
  • Bully Smart : How to handle and prevent bullying.
  • Street Smart : Be aware and decisive while outside 
  •  Collage Safety and Awareness Training
  • Campus Safety : Self-Defense for college students.
  • Senior Year : Preparation class for Highschool Seniors.
  • Public and Private Security Training
  • Religious Centers & Schools: Prevention and Action.
  • Clubs & Bars: Prevention and Action.
  •  Business:  Prevention and Action.
  •  Private Security:   Prevention and Action.

Clubs, Teams, and Organizations

Picture is the Junior League of Denver.  We held a private 2 hours women's self-defense seminar at our school with 50 young professionals.  We have held classes for youth groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, as well as soccer and basketball teams.   We can hold these events at our location or at yours.  Topics range from Self-Defense, Teamwork, Athleticism, Fitness, Teamwork, and just to have fun.  We offer both fundraising and private instruction classes and events.

Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your birthday with us!

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