Evolving The Community

Helping the Community
To evolve, you have to involve yourself in the community to help other people grow and reach their goals. Only by helping one another, will we reach our fullest potential.

Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness would like to help out with your next fundraiser, silent auction or charitable event. 

We can help your organization by running seminars for educational purposes.

  1. Churches and Youth Groups.
  2. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs and Brownies.
  3. Any youth rec program or sports team.
  4. Private and Public charter, elementary, middle and high schools.
  5. Day Cares
  6. Sorority Self-Defense Seminars.
  7. Women’s Only Self-Defense Courses.
  8. Corporate Events or Parties.
  9. Your Next Meet Up.
  10. And More.

Here are a few ideas that you can start from.

  • KidSmart: This series of seminars and short courses are for children and teens.
  • I am a Leader:
  • Stranger Safety:
  • Bully Proof:
  • KidFit:
  • ABS’s of Success:
  • FAST Defense
  • Womens’ Self-Defense
  • Collage Preparedness

We help local bars, nightclubs and pubs

  • Help with your Bar or Pub with the next UFC Night.
  • We can teach self-defense and awareness tactics to the staff of your establishment
  • We can train your security and “door” personal to handle situations more professionally and safely.


  • We can help your business, club or team buy having them selling greatly discounts punch cards to attend self-defense or fitness classes
  • We can have donated to silent auctions to raise money for several charitable events and fundraisers.

Evolve does with our child what I could only wish we, as parents could do. He reinforces solid skills in body control, attitude, focus and welcoming challenges. Our daughter will be in his classes for years to come. We have seen her confidence grow in her abilities. The classes fit her developmental milestones and provide well thought-out challenges. This is a great class especially for girl empowerment!

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