May 2015 Test Prep

Krav Maga Institute of Denver Colorado Self-Defense Class Concepts for the month of May 2015

Testing will be held at Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness Saturday May 30th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm for P1 and P2


All classes will be extended 30 minutes longer for ANY student that would like to get some extra training in to prepare for the exam.

What to bring

  • Arrive between 1:30 and 1:45. Testing begins at 2:00pm.  Late students will have to test at a later date.
  • Wrap Gloves
  • Mouth Piece and Groin Protection
  • LOTS of Water, Good Energy (Bananas, Chia Bars, Ect.)
  • Towel, Extra T-Shirts


  This test will cover every technique in the fundamental levels.  The exam will be fast paced and intense at times.  Safety is priority number 1, followed by the knowledge, quality and effectiveness of your techniques and their application.  We also want to see how you handle pressure and work with other students in a safe, engaged and challenging manner.  If you injury someone in the test and they cannot continue, then you may not continue and retest at a later time.  The test is designed to reinforce the students competency and confidence!

Below is a brief outline of what you will cover.  

Practitioner Lv. 1 & 2

Krav Principals

v  Decision Making

v  Awareness

v  Timeline (Far-Impending)

v  Combatives


o    Straights

o    Hooks

o    360 Knife

Static Weapon Threats

o    Knife in front

o    Gun in front

Falling and Ground Strikes

o    Defensive Position 1 & 2

o    Back Fall

o    Side Fall

o    Front Fall

o    Up and Away

o    Up and Forward

o    Up Kick

o    Bicycle Kick

o    Side Kick

o    Round Kick

Front Attacks

v  2 Hand Choke

o    Double Pluck

o    Single Pluck

o    (Pushing) Rotation

v  Head Lock

Side Attacks

2 Hand Choke

o    Double Pluck

o    Single Pluck

v  Head Lock

Rear Attacks

v  2 Hand Choke

o    Double Pluck near

o    Double Pluck far

o     (Pushing) Rotation

v  Fore Arm Choke

Timing Drills

o    Knee Tag

o    Turtle Tag

o    Zombie Attack

o    360 Defense


o    Passive

o    Semi-Passive

o    Fighting


o    Froward/Back

o    Side/Circling


o    Straights

o    Hooks

o    Uppercuts

o    Boxing by the #’s

o    #’s and Stress

o    #’s and Strikes


Hammer Strikes

o    Forward

o    Downward

o    Lateral

o    Vertical


o    Forward

o    Lateral

o    Rear

o    Downward

o    Back

o    Upward

Linear Kicks

o    Front Kick

o    Thrust Kick

o    Lifting Kick

Round Kicks

o    Thai Kick

o    Round Kick


o    Lifting Knee

o    Thrust Knee

o    Switch Knee

o    Skipping Knees

Other Kicks

o    Side Kick

o    Stepping Side  Kick

o    Back Kick

o   Step out Back Kick


Self-Defense Strikes

o    Palm Strikes

o    Finger Jabs

o    Finger Whip

o    Throat Strikes

o    Thumb Gouge

Striking fallen attacker

o    Stomps

o    Kicks

o    Strikes

o    Knee on Belly

Stress Drills

o    Defensive Kicking

o    360 Hammer

o    360 Kicking

o    The Pit

o    Shark Tank

Practitioner Lv. 2

Wall Attacks

o    Front Push/Press

o    Rear Push/Press

Ground Attacks

v  2 Hand Choke

o    From Mount

o    From Guard

o    From Side Control

v  Headlock

Rear Attacks

o    Carotid Choke

If your Goals do not keep you awake at night either because of excitement or fear, then your not setting good Goals!

Remember. It’s not the technique that will save your life, it is the repetition of it!


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Evolve does with our child what I could only wish we, as parents could do. He reinforces solid skills in body control, attitude, focus and welcoming challenges. Our daughter will be in his classes for years to come. We have seen her confidence grow in her abilities. The classes fit her developmental milestones and provide well thought-out challenges. This is a great class especially for girl empowerment!

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