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What is a Membership Freeze?

If for any reason (by choice or no fault of their own), a member will miss 2 consecutive weeks or more of classes, that is considered a extended absence and a member can "Freeze" their membership. A Membership Freeze allows members to recoup the time they paid for while they were not attending classes due to an extended absence.   The time a member misses will then be added as complementary weeks at the end of their current membership.

Benefits of a Membership Freeze

You get what you paid for!  Membership Freezes give members the flexibility to miss classes (by choice or no fault of their own) for extended periods of time.  That time is then credited to the end of the membership in the form of complementary classes.   Members may "Freeze" for vacations, holidays, seasonal sports or activates, and injuries or illnesses that will prevent a member from attending classes.  Our Membership Freeze Policy is one of the keys to why members at Evolve have been successful at reaching their goals.  In the end, members get the time they payed for and the school will have forecasted and consistent tuition that allows members to have professional instructors and instruction all year round.   

A Membership Freeze is NOT a Membership or Tuition Suspension.

A Membership Freeze does not stop or suspend a members tuition payment schedule.  Members are responsible for tuition payments during the extend absence.  That time will be added on for free to the end of the membership.  This allows for the business to forecast its revenue. This in turn allows a member to get the benefit of full time professional instructors, a professional school, improvements, and lower tuition rates.

When NOT to Freeze your membership:  THE DIP

If you or your child is facing motivational issues, we recommend that you discuss it with our instructors. You might feel a dip in motivation, that is quite common in life, sports, schools, other activities, relationships or hobbies.

When you enroll at Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness, students learn methods to overcome conflicts and oppositions that can surprise us in daily living.  Success is a habit, so is failure.  Discipline, Commitment, and Focus, cultivate successful habits.

Hoping that motivation will increase with time without taking any appropriate action is not the solution. In such a situation, you should speak with an instructor immediately.  Our highly trained instructors are equipped to help you face adversity and overcome this situation.

Membership Freeze: Terms and Conditions 

1. Freeze are only done online with the form below. No Left Messages, Texts, Emails, or Conversations.

2. Freezes do not stop tuition payments.

3. Freezes must be two consecutive weeks in a row and have a start and end date.

4. You cannot transfer Freeze time.

5. Freeze time does not have any refundable value. 

6. Freeze time is only used at the end of your membership agreement.

**All spaces must be filled**