Personal Training

Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness offers private martial arts instruction for self-defense, fitness, and competition.

Take a look at some of the personal training sessions that we have created to help clients reach their personal goals faster.  

K.O. Mitt Work

 The Ultimate Cardio Workout

See why kickboxers and mixed martial artists are in such great shape with a “one on one” Muay Thai mitt session.  No previous experiance needed.  We will teach you step by step the proper techniques and skills that you need to get you lean, agile, and build your cardio to levels you never thought possible. Punch, Kick, Knee, and Elbow your way with professional martial artists.  As you progress, you will be training with agility ladders, medicine balls, kettle bells, and even battle ropes!  Tired of you old work out? Have you plateaued?  Then what are you waiting for?!?!  Schedule your complementary private lesson now.

Fast Defense

 Fear . Adrenaline . Stress . Training

This program is designed to teach clients self-defense in a condensed format.  Choose from a wide variety of lesson plans.  We have helped parents have peace of mind by getting their daughter ready for collage.  We have worked with a couple that was getting ready to backpack around Europe.  We have also instilled the skills and confidence in clients that have been assaulted before and want to make sure that no one will never think to harm them again.


The benefit of private instruction is you can get greater detail in a shorter amount of time and develop your skills set to greater levels in a shorter amount of time. The private student can also have the program individually designed specifically for his needs and goals. If you want the curriculum to be more focused on self defense or if you wanted to be more focused on fitness all you have to do is tell your instructor and he could design the private session around you.

Both my daughter and I have trained with Mr. Thomas for over a year. I can't recommend him highly enough. The confidence he has built up in both of us is beyond compare and completely invaluable. She is 7 and within two months I had a call from her teacher wondering what positive changes we had made with her because she had flourished in the classroom. He builds up strong relationships with his students and is the most capable teacher I've found yet. Highly recommend him.
Erin Young - Entire family are members
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