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Evolve does with our child what I could only wish we, as parents could do. He reinforces solid skills in body control, attitude, focus and welcoming challenges. Our daughter will be in his classes for years to come. We have seen her confidence grow in her abilities. The classes fit her developmental milestones and provide well thought-out challenges. This is a great class especially for girl empowerment!


Josh Thomas is, without a doubt, one of the finest Martial Arts Instructors in the industry. He provides motivation, encouragement and enthusiasm, but demands excellence and discipline through growth and strength of character. Through repetition and intensity, my son went from a shy and quiet young boy to a strong and confident leader and black belt recipient over a 4 year period under Mr. Thomas’ instruction. I highly recommend you sending your children to Evolve Martial Arts and Fitness and to Josh Thomas in particular.
-Chris Briggs – Long time customer


Both my daughter and I have trained with Mr. Thomas for over a year. I can’t recommend him highly enough. The confidence he has built up in both of us is beyond compare and completely invaluable. She is 7 and within two months I had a call from her teacher wondering what positive changes we had made with her because she had flourished in the classroom. He builds up strong relationships with his students and is the most capable teacher I’ve found yet. Highly recommend him.
-Erin Young – Entire family are members


I have been a student of Josh’s for 3 years and can’t begin to express how great his classes are! Always fun, educational, and challenging! Not only are you learning effective self defense, but getting a great workout in as well. I definitely recommend you stop by and try out a few classes. If you’re also looking for a kid’s program, this is hands down THE best place to go! I’ve seen tremendous progress made by so many students of his! Not just in their physical capabilities, but their character development as well! Great School! Amazing Instructor!
-Benjamin Marrero – Student and training partner


Parents… If you are like me and want to ensure your daughters are self confident AND able to protect themselves, look no further than Josh Thomas! Without a doubt, he WILL instill these beliefs in your child. And while you’re at it, train WITH your child. You will BOTH learn and enjoy.
-Woody Bryant- Woody and his two daughters train with Mr. Thomas


Such a great workout and so much fun! Mr. Thomas is an excellent instructor that is able to bridge the gap between the experienced and the not-so-experienced (me).  The exercises were easy to follow and just the right intensity to get a good sweat going while building strength, endurance and confidence.  I highly recommend this center of martial arts and fitness for anyone wanting to get fit, learn real usable skill and to develop a new level of self-confidence and strength. Plus, Mr. Thomas is a truly gifted instructor that is patient and supportive but very passionate about his work and his art.  Do yourself a favor a try out a class and see what you’ve been missing!
-Julie R – Exercise is a part of her daily life!


I did the Krav Maga and self defense class with Thomas and it was one of the best workouts I have ever had! I was sore (in a good way) for days! I feel totally safe walking down the streets of Denver by myself now and would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone!
-Anna- Fitness fanatic!


Josh is a great Krav Maga instructor.  He’s good at making new people feel welcome, and he is very knowledgeable.  He explains things very well and makes it an easy environment for everyone.  My entire family has taken lessons from Josh in a number of areas.  He offers numerous workshops for different interests.  At the very least, he’ll give you a good workout.  But more importantly, learning some of his techniques could help save your life.
-Leah R.


Are you looking for a Krav Maga school? If you are, keep in mind that not all Krav Maga schools are the same. The instructors are a major part of the quality of the training. While going through instructor certification at Krav Maga Institute in Santa Clara, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Joshua from Evolve Martial Arts. During our training, I was impressed by the skill level and passion he has for both martial arts and teaching. He brings a lot of energy onto the mat. Put that together with the time, thought, and effort he puts into his lesson plans and you end up with a balance of conditioning, drills, and technique that make classes fun. This is the type of work Joshua puts into teaching at Evolve to keep you learning and motivated. When looking for a good school, you also need to keep safety in mind. Safety is always a concern with Joshua. He puts every effort into making sure every student leaves the mat in a better condition (meaning stronger and more fit) than when they stepped onto it. When I pass through the area this fall, I plan on stopping by to train based on what I know of Joshua and the training he received when he was certified as a Krav Maga instructor.
-Anthony D.


If you want quality training, let me introduce you to Joshua Thomas. Joshua Thomas is a Krav Maga instructor passionate about sharing Martial Arts with the community. Joshua really cares about each individual’s growth whether we are achieving in class or out. He’s great at adjusting his own teaching styles as he sees fit to mold to different student’s best learning style and environment. He takes his knowledge of MMA and gives people real world training.
-Jasmine K.


I started studying with Joshua before attending a law enforcement academy. The techniques and skills that I learned from Evolve were invaluable to my experience in the academy as well as my law enforcement career. I recommend Evolve Martial Arts to anyone who has no previous experience with martial arts, as well as those who have been training for years. Joshua’s teaching style allows the student to learn by experience using effective demonstrations and hands on training. He also conducts seminars on specialized subjects like home invasion and gun defense as well as fun-runs like running around Washington Park with self defense stations built in. I recommend Evolve to anyone, from someone who wants to learn something new and fun, to someone who wants to hone their self defense skills.
-Elizabeth W.


I have been taking classes at Evolve for 8 months now. Joshua is a fantastic instructor, the classes are fun and energetic, and the other students help complete the experience. I feel that I am learning practical, real-world, self defense skills while getting a good workout at the same time. I highly recommend Evolve.
-Robert Dix


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I did the Krav Maga and self defense class with Thomas and it was one of the best workouts I have ever had! I was sore (in a good way) for days! I feel totally safe walking down the streets of Denver by myself now and would absolutely recommend these classes to anyone!
Anna- Fitness fanatic!
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